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The Rainbow Friends (Red, Blue, Green, Orange, Purple, Yellow and Cyan) are the titular main antagonists of Rainbow Friends. The Rainbow Friends are very distinguishable creatures that vary in size, behavior and appearance. Five friends appear in Chapter 1, and six appear in Chapter 2. Two unused friends appear in Chapter 1's game files and one appears in Chapter 2's game files.



The Rainbow Friends were conceptualized as cartoon characters for a TV show, as confirmed by the Hemlock Wood's Museum.

In the same room, a rusted, cylindrical incubator[1] is captioned with the words "THIS IS WHERE THEY WERE ACTUALLY MADE", implying that the machine was used in the creation of the monsters.

Incubator lightingnormal


A photo titled Blue's First Friend is hung up inside of Hemlock Wood's Museum, which depicts Blue standing next to an unknown child. At this point, both of his eyes were intact. He also doesn't appear to be drooling.


According to the merchandise, portraits titled "Rainbow Friends", "Blue’s Arm" and "Scientist" were created in 1992.


Animatronic versions of Blue, Green, and Orange are seen demolished in the finale of Chapter 2. Their date of construction and possible usage is currently unknown. Sometime after 1991, Blue started drooling and lost his right eye, which was replaced with a button.


The friends appear during the game as antagonists to the players. The Scientist acts the ringleader of the monsters, intentionally letting them attack and chase players while prompting them to collect items.

In the Chapters

Night1 buscrashed

The bus after it crashed.

The Rainbow Friends make they're debut in Chapter 1. After the Scientist causes the bus to crash, he drags away the unconscious Players into Hemlock Woods. There, he tasks them to collect blocks to rebuild his block tower. However, the Players aren't alone in there, as Blue roams the building with them. After completing this task, Green enters the building too and starts roaming the building too on night 2. On this night, the Scientist tasks the Players to collect Food Packs in order to fill up the Food Station. After filling it up, Orange shows up and gets ready to attack the players on the next night. Purple also shows up at the start of night 3, staying in the vents to catch the players.


Blue getting crushed by the metal door.

After completing all of the tasks, the Scientist throws a goodbye party for the players. However, Blue is in the same room with them. He dosen't attack imediatly though, and only reacts to popped balloons. After reaching the end of the room, the players get to eat the cake, which was promised by the Scientist. Above the cake is a balloon though, which falls down and pops, causing Blue to start chasing the players through the vents. The Players successfully escape from Blue, who got stopped by a metal door.


ODD World.

The Scientist doesn't let that slide easily through, and prepares for the next attempt at catching them, as he knows they're trying to reach ODD World. To stop them from escaping, he places a Giant Looky infront of the entrance of Oranges Cavern Coaster, since there's an escape route in there the Players could use. He also locks Blue and Green in a garage inside ODD World to release them when the Players.

Night1 entering

Blue and Green entering ODD World.

After unsuccessfully stopping the Players, the Rainbow Friends reappear in Chapter 2. While the Players and the Technician are entering ODD World, the Scientist releases Blue and Green from the garage. Purple also enters ODD World, this time staying in its lair to catch players. After releasing them, he goes and gets the other Rainbow Friends, which are Yellow and Cyan.

Hour2 drilldoor

The Lookies flying out after the garage door is broken open.

After noticing Blue, the Technician tells the Players that they need to get out. Luckely, he knows a escape route through the garage, however, the Scientist does aswell and prepares a trap for them. He places 10 Lookies inside the garage, in hopes of knocking the Technician and the Players out after breaching the garage door. While doing that, Yellow enters ODD World and hunts down the Players aswell. After fueling up the Battering Ram, the Technician and the Players break open the garage door, which causes the Lookies placed by the Scientist to fly out in all directions. This event causes the Players and the Technician to get knocked out.

Droptower night3

The Drop Tower with explosives.

In order to stop the Players from escaping, the Scientist orders Yellow to drop the Technician off on top of Green's Drop Tower. The Scientist also places "explosives" on the Drop Tower aswell. After reawakeing, the Scientist tells the Players that they need to collect the 10 Lookies that got flung out in a 15 minute timelimit. If they fail to do so, the Scientist will set off the explosives and with that, kill the Technician.

Coaster entrance

The inside of Oranges Cavern Coaster.

After the Players save the Technician, the Scientist gets mad at his failure to kill the Technician. While they discuss on what to do, Cyan enters ODD World to hunt down and kill the Players, together with the Technician. This still wasn't enough though and they successfully enter Oranges Cavern Coaster. As a last ditch effort to stop the Players from escaping, the Scientist orders all Rainbow Friends into Oranges Cavern Coaster.


The Scientist, who is mad at his failures.

The Players were able avoid all the Friends and fall down the garbage shaft. As they were about to leave the room, Cyan falls down the garbage shaft aswell and starts hunting down the Players. They are able to crouch under some metal bars and escape from Cyan, which causes her to retreat back to ODD World. This marks the 3rd failed attempt for the Scientist at catching the Players, and he prepares to capture the Players once again.


Chapter 1

Night 1

  • Successfully captured the players and brang them to Hemlock Woods.
  • Successfully killed some players.

Chapter 2

Hour 2

  • Succesfully knocked out the players and the Technician, the latter of which they take as a hostage.

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